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Digital Delivery Information

Welcome to Sangri Internet, where our commitment to providing seamless experiences extends to the delivery of our digital products and services. Below, you'll find comprehensive details about our digital delivery process:

Digital Product Delivery:

  • All our products and services are digital, eliminating the need for physical shipment.
  • Upon successful payment processing, you will receive an email confirmation containing instructions and access details for your digital purchase.

Order Processing Time:

  • The processing time for digital orders is instantaneous. As soon as your payment is confirmed, you gain immediate access to your digital products or services.

Access and Download:

  • To access your digital products, log in to your Sangri Internet account and navigate to the "My Downloads" or "My Services" section.
  • Download links and access codes, if applicable, will be clearly provided for each purchased item or service.

License and Usage:

  • Digital products come with specific usage terms and licenses outlined in the product description or terms of service.
  • Ensure that you review and comply with the terms to make the most of your digital purchase.

No Shipping Costs:

  • As our offerings are entirely digital, there are no shipping costs associated with your purchases.

Digital Product Refund and Exchange Policy

While our digital products and services are carefully curated to meet your expectations, we understand that situations may arise where an exchange or refund is necessary. Here's how we handle such scenarios:

Eligibility for Refund:

  • Refunds are considered on a case-by-case basis and are generally applicable in the event of technical issues, incomplete access, or dissatisfaction with the product or service.
  • Refund requests must be submitted within [X] days of the purchase date.

Exchange Policy:

  • Exchanges are not applicable for digital products. If you encounter any issues, our support team is ready to assist in resolving them promptly.

Contacting Support:

  • If you encounter difficulties with your digital purchase or have questions about accessing your product or service, please contact our customer support team at [customer support email/phone number].

Exceptional Circumstances:

  • In cases where a digital product is found to be defective or not as described, we will work with you to find a satisfactory resolution, which may include a refund or alternative digital product.

Sangri Internet is committed to ensuring your satisfaction with our digital offerings. If you have any concerns or require assistance, our customer support team is here to help. Your digital experience with us is our top priority.


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